Tennessee Tomodachi Relief Fund

Tennessee Tomodachi Fund for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief - Final Call for Donations August 2013

Thanks to the outpouring of donations from friends across the state and across the country, JAST collected nearly $200,000 in the four-month period following Japan's large-scale triple disaster in March of 2011.

JAST's Board of Directors voted to collaborate with the New York-based affiliate of the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE/USA) for distribution of 100% of the contributions collected ($194,719).  JCIE, in turn, transferred the fund to six targeted relief agencies long at work in the affected areas.  We encourage you to follow their progress via the Center's informative website at <www.jcie.org/earthquakeupdate.html>.

Now that relief efforts have transitioned to the longer-term recovery process, Japan continues to confront a tremendous challenge.  Restoring health systems and establishing special therapy treatments for mental and emotional trauma “ especially among the very young, orphaned and aged “ is a particularly difficult prospect.

JAST's Tennessee Tomodachi Fund campaign is now coming to a close.  Donations will be accepted through the end of August 2013, at which time the balance of funds remaining will be transferred to Japan. 

There is much to be done to improve the lives of victims who still suffer from these unprecedented tragedies.  Therefore, donations will continue to be accepted by mail only at P.O. Box 330003, Nashville, TN 37203. Rest assured that 100% of all donations to the Tomodachi Fund will go directly to Japan.

Thank you for your support!



東北å"°æ–¹å¤ªå¹³æ´‹æ²–å"°é"‡ãƒ†ãƒã‚·ãƒ¼å‹é”基金 2013å¹´8æ"ˆã‚’もちまして寄付を終了いたしました。





æ"ªæ›¾æ"‰ã®æ‚²åŠ‡ã«è‹¦ã—む被害者の方々の生活を改善ã'る為に、まだ行われるべき事がたくさんありまã'。従って、郵送での寄付は引き続き受け付けておりまã'ので、Japan-America Society of Tennessee 宛(アドレス P.O.Box 330003 Nashville, TN 37203)へお送りください。友達基金に寄付頂いた金額は全額を日æ"¬ã¸é€ã£ã¦ãŠã‚Šã¾ã'。


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